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Conference Schedule

October 7, 2004 (Thursday)

5:30 pm

October 8, 2004 (Friday)

7:00 am
Breakfast Hosted by FIAP
8:20 am
Session P1Plenary Session I: Industrial and Applied Research in Texas (FIAP)
11:00 am
Session A1Theory I
Session A2Applied Physics
Session A3Computational
Session A4Posters
Session A5AAPT I
Session F1FIAP Posters
12:30 pm
Lunch and Business Meetings
2:00 pm
Session B1Theory II
Session B2Nanotechnology and Complex Plasmas
Session B3Astronomy
Session B4Nuclear and Particle Physics
Session W1AAPT Workshop: "Adventures in Natural Frequency: Boom Whackers And Gravity Chime"
Session W2AAPT Workshop: "Project CLEA in the 21st Century: Observational Astronomy Simulations in the Instructional Laboratory"
4:00 pm
Session C1Solid State I
Session C2Superstrings and Supersymmetry
Session C3AAPT I
Session C4SPS I
7:30 pm

October 9, 2004 (Saturday)

7:00 am
Breakfast Hosted by Baylor
8:20 am
Session P2Plenary Session II:
11:00 am
Session D1Solid State II
Session D2Lasers and Quantum Coherence
Session D3SPS II
Session W3AAPT Workshop: "Light Sources and Spectra"
Session W4AAPT Workshop: "Bring Physics to Life"
Please visit this page often to see updates on Conference Program
All Sessions Will Be Equipped For Power Point Presentations

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