Registration & Incoming Students

Q: I am an incoming/new student. How can I get into a Covenant Group?
A: Please complete the Truett Seminary Covenant Group Placement Questionnaire.

Q: How will I be put in a group?
A: Your Truett Seminary Covenant Group Placement Questionnaire is helpful as we place members in a group. We seek to help each group have some diversity balanced with having some common traits as well.

Q: How many credits of Covenant Group do I need to meet the catalog requirement?
A: 4 for the MTS and MA degree seeking students and 6 for M.Div. students.

Q: What are the requirements to receive credit?
A: 1) Register for the correct semester of Covenant Group [COVG 7001 = 1st semester, COVG 7002 = 2nd semester, and so on]
2) Attend at least 75% of Covenant Group meetings. [attendance will be logged by a mentor or designated attendance taker online- see below]
3) Successfully submit a final assignment according to the syllabus.


Q: Will I be in the same group throughout seminary?
A: We do our best to keep groups together. However, sometimes there are reasons that necessitate some shuffling. Most likely you will stay with at least some of your original group members, but be prepared to be flexible.

Q: Is independent study an option?
A: In the best case scenario you stay with your group for every semester. However, if there are extenuating circumstances such as international travel, mentoring, etc., independent study is possible. As with independent study for other courses, arrangements and approval must be made ahead of time. You must have approval and decide on curriculum with the Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation, Please note that independent studies are not typically granted until after 4 completed semesters of Covenant Group.

Q: What if I need to drop out of Covenant Group for the semester?
A: Contact the Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation, to discuss your options.

Q: When do Covenant Groups meet?
A: Typically, Covenant Groups meet Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings at 9:30am. 1st semester groups meet Thursday mornings at 9:30am. However, some groups meet at other times to accommodate group members' schedules including dual-degree and commuter students.

Q: What books do I need to purchase for Covenant Group?
A: The required books vary semester to semester. This is discussed at beginning of the semester Covenant Group orientation.

Q: Who is responsible for leading?
A: 1st & 2nd semester Covenant Groups will have an outside mentor/leader who is responsible for leading the group each week. Rotating leadership from within the group begins in the 3rd semester. This is great experience in leading groups and it also keeps the burden off of 1 person leading all of the time.


Q: Who logs attendance?
A: Every group will have a mentor or designated attendance taker that will have access to log attendance. However, it is everyone's responsibility to view their own attendance through BearWeb as a way to double check accuracy.

Q: How can I view my attendance?
A: 1) Log in to Bear Web
2) Click "Student Services & Financial Aid"
3) Click "Student Records"
4) Click "View Your Seminary Covenant Group Attendance"
5) The column on the left will indicate a date for each week of the semester so far. The column on the right will indicate what was marked for you for that day.

Q: What is the attendance requirement?
A: A minimum of 75% of Covenant Group meetings per the Baylor policy. Check the syllabus for the semester for specific number of allowed absences for that semester.

Q: What if I have an absence I think should be "excused"? If we cancel Covenant Group is that an excused absence?
A: An email will be sent from Truett Spiritual Formation regarding any formal cancellations of Covenant Group for a given week. You can schedule another time for your group to "make up" that missed date - try dinner or lunch together sometime! If you have a personal absence you believe is excused [funeral, illness, etc.] please get in touch with our office at as soon as possible. Waiting until the end of the semester to discuss excused absences is not advised.