The spiritual formation concentration offers training in the process and practices of spiritual formation that apply beyond seminary life and reach into local congregations, faith-based organizations, and other ministry contexts. Students will explore biblical-theological foundations for spiritual formation, the historical development of Christian spirituality, and the process of nurturing formation through various tasks of ministry in the congregation and beyond. They will also participate in a spiritual pilgrimage outside of the classroom. Through this comprehensive study, students will be prepared to provide leadership to congregations and organizations in ways that support Christian formation in all aspects of life, work, and relationships. The concentration addresses specific academic and practical needs for senior pastors, Christian educators, children’s ministers, pastoral caregivers, mission or service workers, and various other ministry vocations.


I. Minimum Requirement 93 hours
II. Residency Requirement (minimum)
Truett Seminary encourages a much higher number
51 hours
III. Grade Point Average
Minimum of 2.00 or “C” overall and minimum of “C” or 2.00 in all core courses
IV. Theological Education Core Courses 60 hours
Introductory Courses* 9 hours
THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
THEO 7343 Introduction to Christian History
THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology
Christian Scriptures 12 hours
THEO 7370 Christian Scriptures 1
THEO 7372 Christian Scriptures 2
THEO 7371 Christian Scriptures 3
THEO 7373 Christian Scriptures 4
Christian Texts and Traditions 15 hours
THEO 7360 Christian Texts and Traditions 1
THEO 7361 Christian Texts and Traditions 2
THEO 7362 Christian Texts and Traditions 3
MSSN 7385 Christian World Mission
THEO 7396 The Baptist Identity
Leadership/Administration 3 hours
LEAD 7301 Leadership for Ministry
Preaching and Worship 6 hours
PRCH 7316 Preaching 1
THEO 7316 Christian Worship
Mentoring 12 hours
MENT 7300 Introduction to Mentoring
MENT 7V00 Mentoring in Ministry (9 hours)
Capstone 3 hours
THEO 7388 Theological Capstone
V. Area Concentrations 33 hours
Biblical Languages 15 hours
THEO 7356 Hebrew 1
THEO 7357 Hebrew 2
THEO 7346 New Testament Greek 1
THEO 7347 New Testament Greek 2
THEO 7V54 Hebrew Language Reading
or 7V48 Greek Language Reading
(3 hours; no variable credit)
Spiritual Formation Concentration
18 hours

PRTH 7310 Formation for Congregations and Their Leaders
PRTH 7311 Spiritual Formation through the Life Span
PRTH 7312 Traditions of Christian Spirituality and Prayer
THEO 7391 Wilderness Spirituality
PRTH 7000 Silent Retreat or Spiritual Direction (0 hours)

Choose two courses from the following
(other choices are possible with approval from the
Director or Assistant Director of Spiritual Formation)
PRTH 7313 Children's Spirituality
PRTH 7314 Leading Small Groups and Retreats
PRTH 7315 Spiritual Guidance and Soul Care
PRTH 7390 Studies in Christian Spirituality
CRED 7330 Introduction to Family Ministry
PRTH 7300 Introduction to Christian Education
PAST 7336 Life and Work of the Pastor

Total Hours 93 hours
VI. Satisfactory Completion of 200 Lifelong Learning Units
VII. Covenant Groups – Six Semesters
VIII. Satisfactory Academic Progress
*These are required courses; however, based upon previous academic experience, students may petition to waive these courses. Students not taking these courses must substitute electives in corresponding areas under advisement.