If you are interested in commuting with other Truett students to and from campus please let us know. We can assist you in finding other students who are also interested in sharing transportation costs. Whether you are commuting from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Temple, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, east Texas or even around the Waco area you may be able to find other Truett students who are also interested in carpooling.

Commute to Truett Inquiry Form
Please fill out this form so that we can help you connect with other Truett students interested in carpooling to and from campus.

Students Interested in Carpooling
Here you will find a complete list of students who would like to carpool to and/or from Truett Seminary.

**Note: If you no longer wish to participate in carpooling, please send an email to Maggie and you will be removed from the list.