IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to accessing, requesting, or completing any scholarship applications, new students must have admitted status (accepted to the M.Div program and paid enrollment deposit).

Students are encouraged to check this page periodically for new scholarship opportunities. Most scholarship applications are updated during the spring semester. The scholarship deadline is a good point of reference for ensuring that the application is valid.

Mary E. Bivins Foundation Scholarship Criteria & Process
$3500/semester Jan. 1st
Bolton-Davis Christian Education Scholarship Application $1000 Oct. 1st
Champions for Christ Guidelines & Application varies April 1st
July 1st
Nov. 1st
Charles C. Coffey Memorial Scholarship Application varies Aug. 1st
Dec. 1st
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Leadership Scholar CBF Leadership Scholar Application (includes Truett Guidelines) 7 scholarships at Truett ($2000 awarded in the fall semester, $2000 in the spring semester) May 1st
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship - North Carolina Application $1,000 - $2,000 June 30th
FTE Volunteers Exploring Vocation Award Info and Guidelines
*Endorsement must be received by mail to Truett Scholarship Services by
February 15th
$2500 March 1st
Ircel Harrison Theological Scholarship Guidelines $1000 Feb. 1st
Hispanic Scholarship Fund - General College Scholarship Guidelines and Application $1000 - $2500 Dec. 15th
Hurley Foundation Scholarship Guidelines
*Submit application to Truett Scholarship Services (Room 316)
40 scholarships
of $1000
April 30th
Francis Nathaniel Kennedy and Katheryn Padgett Kennedy Foundation Application Information Varies New App Apr. 15th
Renewal Feb. 15
Logue , Tom and Ethel Seminary Scholarship Fund CBF Arkansas
Scholarship Information
$1,000 May 20th
Memorial Baptist Church Foundation Application varies May 15th
Military Chaplains Association of the USA
Military Chaplains Association Application
March 30th
Ministerial Education Funds (Virginia Baptists on Mission) Application (BGAV members only) varies April 1st
Craig Holbrook Parham Memorial Scholarship E-mail to request this application $250 - $1000 April 30th
Claud Slate Scholarship - Texas Baptist Bivocational Ministers and Spouses Assn. Application 3 scholarships
of $1000
June 2nd
Irene S. Wischer Scholarship Guidelines
up to $10,000
per year per student
March 1st
*Additional scholarship resources available for seminary students can be found in the GTU Scholarship Database.