An increasing number of graduate students are called to Christian vocation in community ministry that is informed by their faith and grounded in Christian theology and scripture. Some students are not seeking to achieve the advanced competencies offered by the M.Div. degree and/or they may not have the personal resources to meet all of requirements of the 122 semester hour M.Div.-M.S.W. degree program. The M.T.S.-M.S.W. dual degree program (93 or 71 semester hours) provides these students with an opportunity to prepare for community ministry through mastery of advanced social work knowledge and practice that is grounded in foundational Christian theology, Scriptures, traditions, missions, and Baptist Identity.


For admission to the dual degree program, candidates must apply and be accepted by both Truett Seminary’s Master of Theological Studies program and the Social Work program.


Prospective students will declare their intent to enroll in the joint degree with both George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the Baylor University School of Social Work. Students will be required to make formal application to each academic unit.

I. Minimum Requirement 48 hours
II. Minimum residence requirement 48 hourse
III. Grade Point Average
Minimum of 2.00 or "C" overall and minimum of "C" or 2.00 in all core courses.
IV. Course Requirements
Introductory Courses*
  • THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7343 Introduction to Christian History
  • THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology
9 hours
Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7370 Christian Scriptures 1
  • THEO 7372 Christian Scriptures 2
  • THEO 7371 Christian Scriptures 3
  • THEO 7373 Christian Scriptures 4
12 hours
Christian Texts and Traditions
  • THEO 7360 Christian Texts and Traditions 1
  • THEO 7361 Christian Texts and Traditions 2
  • THEO 7362 Christian Texts and Traditions 3
  • MSSN 7385 Christian World Mission
  • THEO 7396 The Baptist Identity
12 hours
Students must select either:
  • 3 courses selected from chosen concentration
  • OR
  • 1 Biblical studies course
  • 1 Theological studies course
  • 1 free elective
9 hours
Summative Evaluation
  • THEO 7382 Constructive Theology
3 hours
V. Satisfactory Completion of 132 Lifelong Learning Units
VI. Covenant Groups - 4 Semesters
VII. Satisfactory Academic Progress
* These are required courses; however, based upon previous academic experience, students may petition to waive these courses. Students not taking these courses must substitute electives in corresponding areas under advisement.


The MTS degree consists of 48 course credit hours. The MSW degree can be earned through two programs, the standard two year program and the advanced standing program. The standard two-year program requires 60 course credit hours. This program and the MTS require a total of 108 hours when completed separately. For social work students in the standard two year program, the total number of hours for the MTS-MSW dual program will be 90 hours.

For those students who qualify, the MSW advanced standing program consists of 35 course credit hours, so that it and the MTS require a total of 83 hours when completed separately. For social work students in the advanced standing program, the total number of hours for the MTS-MSW dual program will be 71 hours.

In the proposed dual degree program, 9 elective hours taken in the School of Social Work will be counted toward the MTS degree requirements. Six hours from the MTS degree will be counted toward the standard two-year MSW program requirements and three from the MTS degree will be counted toward the advanced-standing MSW program requirements (advanced standing).

More information about the M.T.S./M.S.W. is available at the Baylor School of Social Work website or contact:

Diana R. Garland, Ph.D., LCSW
Dean of the School of Social Work

Dr. Jon Singletary, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, School of Social Work