An increasing number of graduate students are called to Christian vocation in community ministry that is informed by their faith and grounded in Christian theology and scripture. The Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work (M.Div./MSW) dual degree program provides theological education and advanced social work knowledge and skills. Some students are not seeking to achieve the advanced competencies offered by the M.Div. degree and/or they may not have the personal resources to meet all requirements of the 125 semester hour M.Div./MSW degree program. The M.T.S.-MSW dual degree program (96 or 71 semester hours) provides these students with an opportunity to prepare for community ministry through mastery of advanced social work knowledge and practice that is grounded in foundational Christian theology, Scriptures, traditions, missions and Baptist Identity.


For admission to the dual degree program, candidates must apply and be accepted by both Truett Seminary's Master of Theological Studies program and the Social Work program.