The 48-hour Master of Theological Study degree at Truett Seminary provides a basic foundation in biblical and theological disciplines and a concentration in a particular area of study and practice. It is designed to provide students with both a general theological education and the opportunity to concentrate in subjects important to their interests or ministries. It consists of a minimum of 48 credit hours and normally requires at least two years of full-time study to complete.

An M.Div. student who intends to change to the MTS degree can only transfer a total of 12 hours of coursework without an extra fee. If an M.Div. student has earned more than 12 hours of coursework and wishes to change to the MTS degree, a fee will be assessed.


The M.T.S. degree seeks to provide a basic understanding of theological disciplines for further graduate study or for general educational purposes. The cirriculum will:

  1. Introduce students to the history and literature of the Old and New Testament as a basis for appropriate interpretation of the biblical witness.
  2. Engender an appreciation of the church's historic and confessional witness to the Gospel.
  3. Enable students to think theologically and critically.
  4. Involve students in disciplines of spiritual formation.
  5. Provide opportunities and forums to discuss issues of concern, which will provide a basis for lifelong learning.

I. Minimum Requirement 48 hours
II. Grade Point Average
Minimum of 2.00 or "C" overall and minimum of "C" or 2.00 in all core courses.
III. Course Requirements
Introductory Courses*
  • THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7343 Introduction to Christian History
  • THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology
9 hours
Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7370 Christian Scriptures 1
  • THEO 7372 Christian Scriptures 2
  • THEO 7371 Christian Scriptures 3
  • THEO 7373 Christian Scriptures 4
12 hours
Christian Texts and Traditions
  • THEO 7360 Christian Texts and Traditions 1
  • THEO 7361 Christian Texts and Traditions 2
  • THEO 7362 Christian Texts and Traditions 3
  • THEO 7396 The Baptist Identity
12 hours
  • Students must select 12 hours selected from the following courses:
  • THEO 7356 Hebrew 1
  • THEO 7357 Hebrew 2
  • THEO 7346 New Testament Greek 1
  • THEO 7347 New Testament Greek 2
  • THEO 7V54 Hebrew Language Reading
  • THEO 7V74 Old Testament Readings
  • THEO 7V48 Greek Language Reading
  • THEO 7375 New Testament Readings
  • THEO 7320 Studies in Systematic Theology
  • THEO 7364 Studies in Historical Theology
  • THEO 7380 Studies in Christian Ethics
12 hours
Summative Evaluation
  • THEO 7382 Constructive Theology
3 hours
IV. Satisfactory Completion of 132 Lifelong Learning Units
V. Covenant Groups - 4 Semesters
VI. Satisfactory Academic Progress
* These are required courses; however, based upon previous academic experience, students may petition to waive these courses. Students not taking these courses must substitute electives in corresponding areas under advisement.
** Additional courses must be approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.