Baylor University offers the joint degree Master of Divinity/Master of Music (M.Div./M.M.) through George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the School of Music. This program in church music provides advanced theological education and graduate education in music for ministers in the field of music.


Students seeking admission to the joint degree program are required to fulfill admission requirements for George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the Baylor University Graduate School. Students must apply and be admitted to each of the programs. Upon commencing Seminary studies, the student may enroll in both programs.


Prospective students will declare their intent to enroll in the joint degree with both George W. Truett Theological Seminary and the Baylor University School of Music. Students will be required to make formal application to each academic unit.


Since both degrees are awarded simultaneously, all requirements in both schools must be completed in order to receive either degree.

I. Theological Education Core Courses 60 hours
Introductory Courses
  • THEO 7340 Introduction to Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7343 Introduction to Christian History
  • THEO 7345 Introduction to Christian Theology
9 hours
Christian Scriptures
  • THEO 7370 Christian Scriptures 1
  • THEO 7372 Christian Scriptures 2
  • THEO 7371 Christian Scriptures 3
  • THEO 7373 Christian Scriptures 4
12 hours
Christian Theology
  • THEO 7360 Christian Texts and Traditions 1
  • THEO 7361 Christian Texts and Traditions 2
  • THEO 7362 Christian Texts and Traditions 3
  • THEO 7382 Constructive Theology
  • THEO 7396 Baptist Identity
15 hours
Christian Ministry
  • LEAD 7301 Leadership for Ministry
  • MSSN 7385 Christian World Mission
  • PRCH 7316 Preaching 1
  • THEO 7316 Christian Worship
  • MENT 7V00 Mentoring in Ministry (9 hours)
  • PRTH 7391 Integrative Seminar
24 hours
II. Music Concentration Courses 10 hours
Required Courses
  • THEO 7290 Worship in the Church
  • THEO 7291 Congregational Song
  • THEO 7292 Seminar in Music Ministry
  • THEO 7293 Choral/Vocal Music Ministries in the Church
Select one course from the following:
  • THEO 7294 History of American Church Music
  • THEO 7295 Turning Points in Church Music
  • THEO 7296 Comparative Liturgies
III. Theology, Missions, Leadership or Pastoral Studies Elective 7 hours
IV. Master of Music Courses
  • These courses are credited toward the Master of Divinity degree upon the successful
    completion of the Master of Music degree.
16 hours
V. Covenant Group - four semesters
VI. Satisfactory completion of 200 Lifelong Learning Units.
Total Master of Divinity Hours 93 hours
VII. Ten hours of Master of Divinity credits are accepted toward the Master of Music degree upon the successful completion of the Master of Divinity degree.
VIII. The Master of Music degree requires an additional 15 hours of Music school courses.
IX. Satisfactory academic progress
Total Degree requirements 108 hours

More information about the M.Div./M.M. is available at the Baylor School of Music website or contact:

Dr. David Music
Director of Graduate Studies, School of Music