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Financial Wellness for Ministry

Financial Wellness for Ministry

With the help of a grant from the Lilly Endowment, Truett is proud to introduce a series of professional development events focused on financial wellness for ministry. Each academic year of the 3-year grant, Truett will hold workshops and a conference that address the financial questions facing ministers today. These events are open to students, alumni, local pastors, and all those interested in Financial Wellness for ministry. Individual financial counseling is also available for Truett students and alumni.

Noted Scholars, Respected Church Leaders

Noted Scholars, Respected Church Leaders

Truett Seminary's faculty are renowned for their excellence in teaching, their passion for the student body, and their exceptional body of publications. However, they are also known around the state of Texas and beyond for their commitment to the Church. Our faculty are leaders in church and missions. Not only do they teach the students of Truett Seminary what it means to be women and men of God who are called to serve the church, they lead by example.

Community for Now...And Beyond

Community for Now...And Beyond

Community is a word that you will hear often around the campus of Truett Seminary. But “community” isn't just a word to us—it's a way of life. We are committed to learn together, worship together, live together, and journey together. AND it doesn't end at graduation. Lifelong friendships and networking opportunities follow Truett graduates long after graduation. We hope that you will take the next step to join the Truett Seminary community. Visit us now by registering for one of our Previews or apply now!

Formation Through Discipleship

Formation Through Discipleship

Spiritual formation is an integral part of seminary life for any student at Truett Seminary. When you begin your degree program at Truett, you will have the opportunity to join a Covenant Group that will be a formative part of your spiritual formation for the next three years of your seminary education.

Hands-on Mentoring

The Praxis of Practice

Praxis is a word meaning to take theory into practice. At Truett, we believe that no one is ever completely finished with learning how to minister. Effective ministers are always in a process of learning how best to communicate, to serve, and to minister to people. In a sense, they practice their call--always striving to be better. Thus, our mentoring program allows our students to take their classroom knowledge and practice it in a ministry setting. Hence, the praxis of practice.

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The Drumwright Colloquium brings national and international leaders in the field of New Testament Studies to the Baylor campus for interaction with students. Church and community leaders are invited to participate in conferences as well as younger, developing scholars.

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