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One of the cornerstones of the residential college experience is that of student ownership. Teal Residential College honors this distinctive by creating a governing body, the College Council, whose purpose is to guide the life and traditions of the college. All upper division college residents who are passionate about the residential college experience are invited to apply this Spring to be a part of this important leadership team. Please read carefully through the requirements and responsibilities outlined below:

Application Timeline

College Council Commitment to the Community

General Council Descriptions

Executive Council Descriptions


Application Timeline

The following timeline will be utilized for the election and selection process of the Teal Residential College Council 2014-2015.

  • March 4: Open Door Council Meeting 8pm @ Teal Library
  • March 7: Applications Available
  • March 31: Executive Council Applications Due
  • April 1-4: Campaigning for Elected Officer Positions (Word of mouth and flyers passed out by hand ONLY)
  • April 6-7: Voting for Elected Officer Positions
  • April 8: General Council Applications Due
  • April 17: Teal Residential College Council 2014-2015 announced

College Council Commitment to the Community

Purpose of the Governing Body

The purpose of the College Council is to uphold and exhibit the missions of Teal Residential College and Baylor University. The Council is to serve the Teal Residential College community by acting as a liaison between faculty, staff and students, listening to the needs of students and providing appropriate resources and support to foster student success and growth.

Responsibilities of Council Members

As representatives of Teal Residential College, the School of Engineering and Computer Science, Baylor University, and most importantly, Jesus Christ, Council Members are expected to conduct themselves in an honorable and respectable manner. Members are expected to be present and engaged at Council Meetings and at events put on for the College community. Members are expected to willingly cooperate with the Faculty Master, Community Leaders, and other Baylor/ECS/Campus Living and Learning staff to provide the best experience for the residents of the College.

Privileges of Council Members

It is an honor to be elected/chosen for the Teal Residential College Council. Members have the opportunity to support and shape the community, writing Teal Residential College history. As Council positions are voluntary and time-consuming, Council Members may occasionally receive tokens of gratitude, such as dinners and sweatshirts, as deemed appropriate by the Faculty Master and Program Director.

Commitment Statement

Before beginning their term, all Council Members must sign a Commitment to the Community Statement, outlining the standards to which Council Members are held. Failure to uphold one or more of these standards may result in dismissal from the Council.

College Council Positions and Responsibilities

College Council members will be elected and selected to serve in a specialized leadership role to support and carry out the mission of Teal Residential College in collaboration with the Community Leaders.

  • Appointed General Council Members

    Elected officers, in collaboration with College staff, will appoint eligible and interested students to the Student Development Board and Community Involvement Board. Applications are due by April 8.

  • Appointed Executive Officers

    Three Council officers are appointed by the College staff and elected officers. To be eligible for an appointed executive position, you must have served for a minimum of one year on the council. Appointed executive officers are as follows: Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Applications are due by March 31.

  • Elected Executive Officers

    Four Council officers are elected by the members of Teal College: President, Vice President of Community Involvement, Vice President of Student Development, and Vice President of Public Relations. To be eligible to run for office, you must have served for a minimum of one year on the council, submit an application, and submit a letter of intent and a picture by email to the College Master (Dr. Gravagne Elected executive officer materials are due by March 31.

College Council Requirements/Important Dates

All Teal Residential College Council members are required to participate in the following:

  • Spring Gathering
  • Fall Retreat
  • Weekly Council Meetings
  • Weekly Executive Council Meetings *Executive Council only
  • Events each semester
  • Spring Retreat

General Council

Student Development Board

  • Will consist of 1 Vice President, at least 3 Board Members and at least 1 Freshman Representative (to be recruited in the Fall).
  • Will be in charge of events concerning the spiritual, personal, and educational development of the community's members.

Community Involevement Board

  • Will consist of 1 Vice President, at least 3 Board Members, and at least 1 Freshman Representative (to be recruited in the Fall).
  • Will be in charge of events involving the entire community. These events will promote community unity and involvement by all members.

Executive Council


  • Presides over the College Council's meetings and retreats; in charge of creating the agenda
  • Liaisons with the Faculty Master and the appropriate representative(s) from the Baylor ECS Office of Student Development
  • Representative on behalf of the College to the greater Baylor community
  • Maintains the Mission Statement of the College

Vice President of Community Involvement

  • Directs the Community Involvement Board in encouraging student growth through social interaction amongst the members of the College as well as with ECS faculty and the greater Baylor community.
  • Responsible for Community Involvement budget
  • Responsible for weekly Dr Pepper Hour
  • Responsible for the annual College semi-formal event

Vice President of Student Development

  • Directs the Student Development Board in encouraging student development in the areas of academic, professional, and spiritual development
  • Liaisons with the chaplain(s) and will work with the Historian to develop and maintain strong relationships between College alumni and current members
  • Responsible for Student Development budget

Vice President of Public Relations

  • Organizes and directs the College's advertising strategy for its events and initiatives
  • Responsible for weekly College Digest


  • Takes minutes of each College Council meeting
  • Maintains an up-to-date calendar of the College's events and assists the President in keeping a current task-list
  • Responsible for collecting sign-up forms for College events, including for the College's intramural teams and service teams
  • Oversees event write-ups and Council Mailbox in office


  • Keeps the financial records for the College
  • Coordinates with the Faculty Master and Program Director to set a budget for the year
  • Responsible for providing a review at the end of each semester on how the College Council's funds were used. This review will be made available to the membership of the College within 7 calendar days of commencement after each semester
  • Holds the College credit/debit card


  • Maintains the written and visual history of the College. The Historian will receive the hard drive containing the College's history in a ceremony
  • Responsible for maintaining alumni relations (with the Vice President of Student Development)
  • Responsible for keeping track of the point system; oversees the card-swiper/sign-in sheet for all College events
  • Manages the taking of pictures at all events; archives all media
  • Manages the College Facebook and Twitter
  • Oversees Yearbook Committee

The College Council application is closed for the 2014-2015 academic year.

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