Community Leaders
CL Move In

Community Leaders are current students who have been selected through Campus Living & Learning and the College Hall Director to provide leadership for the community. Each Community Leader focuses on approximately 35-55 students and encourages students to become involved and engaged in the College and campus communities. Community Leaders actively integrate aspects of diversity, faith development, academics, and relationships while fostering community, cultivating relationships, mentoring residents, and facilitating learning.

Thank you to the 2013-2014 Community Leader staff for a year of incredible service to this community! Congratulations to the selected 2014-2015 CL staff: Aryn Bolton, Caroline Cliburn, Halee Done, Mason Everett, Drew Fry, Brooklyn George, Rebecca Gerardo, Danae Gleason, Brian Kort (CLM), Sarah McCarty, Sam Taylor, Ben Tinlin, and Matt Tinsley. We look forward to the great things you will do in this leadership role!

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