College Life Photos

Welcome to the Teal College event photos. The pictures below document the dynamic community of Teal Residential College in the 2013-2014 academic year. Sneak a peak into the life of Teal! (Photo credit goes to Matt Tinsley, College Council historian.)

Semi Formal

This year's "red carpet" themed semi-formal was a night to remember for Tealians. Hosted at the historic Clifton House in Waco, Teal residents put on their best and spent an evening with great friends and great music.

Cardboard Regatta

The Cardboard Regatta is one of the most anticipated competitions of the year. Each floor of the College is given cardboard and duct tape supplies and is allotted one week to build a seaworthy boat that can outrace its competitors. On the morning of the regatta, Teal teams line up outside of the College and participate in the March of the Boats, a tradition in which teams carry their boats with pride to the Baylor Marina. Judges are recruited to award prizes for Best Design, Best Theme Development, Most Spirited, and the Titanic Award (for best sinking). This year, first place in the Cardboard Regatta was awarded to the 2nd floor girls team, led to victory by rowers Brooklyn George and Mary Lauren Harris! A plaque has been hung in the College in their honor until the 2015 regatta next Spring.

Practically Pikasso

An annual community favorite event is Practically Pikasso night! Students paint mugs and plates, which are then fired in a kiln and displayed at the Music & Arts Festival to showcase the creativity and talent of the community.

Tournament Friday - Bowling

Tournament Fridays are held on the first Friday of every month. TRC residents vote for the kind of game they would like to play (vollyball, kickball, dodgeball, etc.), form teams, and compete with their fellow College members.

80s Dance Party

Everyone loves the 80's! This 80's dance party was complete with neon, sweat bands, fanny packs, side pony tails, and windbreakers. It was a time to let loose with great friends and enjoy a throwback to this beloved decade.

Black Tie Bingo

On the night before Spring classes began, Teal reunited to play Black Tie Bingo. Tealians dressed up for a night of community and nail-biting excitement in a rousing game of Bingo. Prizes for the winners consisted of frozen yogurt gift cards, dinner with the Faculty Master, tickets to All-University Sing, and more!

Tacky Christmas Sweater Party

Teal celebrated Christmas with a tacky sweater party. Tealians decorated ornaments and hung them on the Teal tree, made stockings, decorated and enjoyed delicious cookies, competed in a gingerbread house building contest, and listened to children's stories told by Dr. Kelley.

Tri-College Tournament

The first annual Tri-College Tournament was an epic competition between Baylor's three residential colleges: Teal Residential College, Honors Residential College, and Brooks Residential College. Teal marched to the Baylor Science Building fields with a banner, torch bearer, and immense excitement for the competition at hand. The colleges competed in Sailor Bear, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, egg toss, three-legged race, dance competition, and tug-of-war. Awards were given for spirit, sportsmanship, and the coveted overall winner. The tournament gave students an opportunity to build community with students across campus who have similar traditions and rituals. Teal came with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness... and we are excited to be the First Place winners of the Tri-College Tournament! The medal will be displayed in the Teal lobby until next fall when Teal returns to the "battle field" to fight for honor.

Treat Night

Treat Night is a university tradition in which residence halls open their doors for Baylor faculty and staff to "trick or treat" with their families. Community Leaders and their residents teamed up to decorate the floors of Teal and share in this loved tradition.

Pumpkin Carving

Teal residents gathered in the quad for this traditional fall event. Students, staff, and their families carved pumpkins to welcome the new season. Pumpkins were lit with candles and displayed in the quad through the month of October.

Homecoming Parade

The Homecoming Parade at Baylor University is well-known throughout the country for its tradition and involvement. Teal Residential College showcased its love for learning and affinity for white boards with a float in the parade. With a white board of formulas and math proofs secured in the back of a truck and prominent TRC banner, Teal residents proudly represented their residential community and the School of Engineering and Computer Science in this honored university tradition.

Tournament Friday - Dodgeball

Tournament Fridays are held on the first Friday of every month. TRC residents vote for the kind of game they would like to play (vollyball, kickball, dodgeball, etc.), form teams, and compete with their fellow College members.

Parents Dinner

Parents Dinner is an annual event for residents of Teal Residential College and their families. Students and their families were invited to gather for a special dinner on campus and celebrate their accomplishments, experiences, and new friendships.

Tournament Friday - Volleyball

Tournament Fridays are held on the first Friday of every month. TRC residents vote for the kind of game they would like to play (vollyball, kickball, dodgeball, etc.), form teams, and compete with their fellow College members.

Community Dinners

Community Dinners are a tradition for residential colleges. Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Teal residents, the Faculty Master, and honored guests join the College for dinner in the East Village Dining Commons.

Move In Get Out

The morning after moving in, TRC hosted Move In Get Out. With breakfast burritos, Common Grounds coffee, an inflatable slide, water games, board games, and MORE - this event began building community among TRC residents.

Move In

During Baylor Move In, upper-division Teal residents, Community Leaders, College Council members, Delta Leaders, and ECS staff and faculty volunteered to serve the newest freshman class. These eager volunteers made sure that the new students and their families had plenty of helping hands for the move into Teal Residential College.

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