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Key Budget Contacts



Academic Affairs Provost

Michelle Berry

(College of) Arts & Sciences

Julie Stahl / Gary Carter


Cody Hall


Lisa Hoxworth

(School of) Business

Kent Frank

Board & Executive Affairs

Heather Gerber

(University) Development

Sandra Lene'

(School of) Education

Katy Wiswall

(School of) Engineering & Computer Science

Mark McCreary

Enrollment Management

Phylica Hernandez

Financial Services / Treasurer

Diann Davis

Facilities, Operations & Campus Services

Jeanne Kline

Honors College

Paulette Edwards / Sabina Solouki

Information Technology Services

Ralph Sherman

(School of) Law

Laura Obenoskey

(University) Libraries

Ralph Sherman / Lori Evers

Marketing & Communications

Billie Gilbert

(School of) Music

Kathy Johnson

(School of) Nursing

Rebecca Robbins

(School of) Social Work

Terry Henderson

Student Life

Sandra Northern

Truett Seminary

Jan Cason

Constituent Engagement

Karen Edwards

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