After searching this page, if you still have a question that was not answered here, please send an email to trax@baylor.edu or contact TRAX Support at x8704 I cannot open a new window on TRAX. I have a new computer and am trying to print a report or budget check a transaction, but nothing is happening.

You need to tell your browser to allow "Popups" on the TRAX website. Normally a small box will appear at the top of your screen no matter what browser you are using (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). You should be able to click on that box and select "Always Allow". If this does not work, you will need to adjust the settings in your browser options. For Internet Explorer 10: Click "Tools", then "Pop-Up Blocker", then "Pop-Up Blocker Settings", then add orasoft.baylor.edu in the filed under "Address of website to allow". Click the "Add" button, followed by "Close". For Firefox: Click "Tools", then "Options", then "Content". Next click the "Exceptions" box in the "Block Pop-Ups" section. Add orasoft.baylor.edu in the field under "Address of website". Click the "Add" button, followed by "Close".