Community Assessment

What is a community food security assessment?

Our community food security assessment is the gathering of county-wide data to assess the current state of food security in counties across Texas. The community food security assessment will target community food resource availability, accessibility, distribution, and production in order to identify gaps in these specific areas. This assessment is performed at the grassroots level and is therefore executed by community members from public, private, and non-profit sectors in the county. This tri-sector assessment team will gather existing data to examine the current food resources available in the community in order to identify gaps in the local food system.



Communities, organizations, and individuals interested in performing a food security assessment can begin by educating themselves and their community on food security and hunger-related issues in their communities. Additionally, THI staff welcomes invitations to speak to a community concerning food security and will walk alongside an interested and capable community in order to organize a food security assessment team. Once an assessment team is gathered, THI staff will train the team on how to perform a community food security assessment in their county, analyze the data, and report the findings back to the community.

Active Assessments:

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