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Meet our Central Office

(Located at the Baylor School of Social Work in Downtown Waco)
Name Position Email
Jeremy Everett Director
Charis Dietz Director of Communications
Doug McDurham Director of Programs
Kathy Krey Director of Research
Ashley Yeaman Communications Specialist
Becky Fortson Research Project Manager
Brad Gary Research Project Manager
Christine Browder No Kid Hungry Campaign Manager
Dustin Kunz Salesforce Administrator & Research Project Manager
Eric Weeden Finance Manager
Erin Nolen Research Project Manager
Jared Gould Field Director
Kasey Ashenfelter Assistant Director of Communications
Rachel Wilkerson Research Project Manager
Taylor McKinney Breakfast Outreach Specialist

Meet our Amarillo Field Office

Jennifer Ashley Regional Director, CPRI specialist
Kaitlin Mosley Child Hunger Outreach Specialist

Meet our Austin Field Office

Katherine Hardgrove Regional Director, Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Hiring CPRI Specialist
Andrew Brasher Outreach Coordinator Anti-Hunger and Opportunity Corps
Trip Butler Texas Impact VISTA

Meet our Dallas Field Office

Marc Jacobson Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Loretta Landry Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Tiffany Collins Texas Impact VISTA
Catherine Gilman Texas Impact VISTA
Denise Grant-Murray Texas Impact VISTA
Wyonella Henderson-Greene Coalition Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA
Charlotte Johnson Communications Coordinator, AmeriCorps VISTA

Meet our El Paso Field Office

Ruben Sanchez Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Daniel Valverde Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Margaux Dalbin NYCCAH VISTA
Vanessa Gomez CPP VISTA
Andrea Read CPP VISTA

Meet our Fort Worth Field Office

Dawnetta Smith Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Marty Otero Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Daniel Morris NYCCAH VISTA
Jeremy Thornburgh CPP VISTA

Meet our Houston Field Office

Megan Hoag Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
John Puder Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Amelia Baines Texas Impact VISTA
Dang Nguyen Texas Impact VISTA

Meet our Lubbock Field Office

Grace Norman Regional Director, Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Hiring CPRI Specialist

Meet our McAllen Field Office

Elaine Hernandez Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Francisco Loya Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Carino Saldivar Field Organizer, AmeriCorps VISTA

Meet our San Angelo Field Office

Mary Herbert Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Betty Teston Child Hunger Outreach Specialist

Meet our San Antonio Field Office

Adela Flores Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Hiring Child Hunger Outreach Specialist

Meet our Tyler Field Office

Debra Marshall Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Theresa Calloway CPP Vista

Meet our Waco Field Office

Shamethia Webb Regional Director, CPRI Specialist
Kelsey Miller Child Hunger Outreach Specialist
Christina Fajardo NYCCAH VISTA