Reinstatement Process

If your Dean has required you to construct an academic improvement plan, please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Complete the Academic Self-Assessment Academic Self-Assessment form and email or deliver it as directed at the bottom of the form. Contact Academic Support Programs to schedue an appointment for an office or telephone visit to discuss your Academic Action Plan.

Step 2. As you prepare for your Academic Action Plan meeting, you should review your next term course schedule. Consider retaking courses for which you earned a grade of F or D. You may wish to consult your regular advisor about this strategy. You should consider whether you will register for EDC 1200 College Reading & Study Skills or EDP 1101.03 Academic Mentoring, if required to do so.

Step 3. Meet with your academic support program advisor to prepare your Academic Action Plan and a Reinstatement Agreement that you will deliver with your petition for reinstatement and letter to your academic dean.

Step 4. When you are notified of your reinstatement, you should check your Bear Web account and confirm your required advisor. Even after you are advised, you may need to ask your advisor or someone in Academic Support programs to contact the registrar's office to assign a registration date.