Academic Referral System

Baylor University is committed to the success of its students by providing an environment conducive to both instruction and learning. We also realize that as students adjust to the rigorous demands of academic life at Baylor, they may not always be aware of the resources available to help students take appropriate corrective action early.  Hence we have developed this Academic Referral system to assist faculty in notifying students about their concerns and to inform students of faculty concerns along with resources to address any academic performance issues.

For faculty members, there are a host of systems that Baylor uses to help us identify the students that are most in need of academic support and awareness. Studies have shown that members of faculty have tremendous influence in challenging students to perform at their best in the classroom. Certainly there are students that do not respond to faculty outreach, but it is our hope that faculty employ outreach as the first action when concerned about a student. If a student is unresponsive or the conversation with the student did not alleviate the concerns, please alert the staff in the Paul L. Foster Success Center by submitting an Early Alert.


Submit an Academic Concern
Academic Warnings
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When to refer students?
As soon as there is a concern! Academic intervention early in the semester allows time and opportunity for students to reverse patterns of inadequate academic performance. The program enhances student success by providing academic services/resources to students about whom faculty have academic concerns. Academic success will compliment the classroom environment and increase retention of students.


When to use the system?
Faculty members are encouraged to refer students early in the semester who exhibit academic, social, or emotional difficulties. Students should be referred for any of the following reasons:

  • Excessive absences within the first four weeks of the semester (two or three absences)
  • Stop attending class
  • Fail (or miss) an exam
  • Fail to turn in assignments
  • No response to professor's expressed concerns
  • Display signs of needing counseling or advice
  • Ask where to receive academic assistance
In order to maximize the usefulness of services offered, referrals should be made as early as possible in the semester to give the students the longest amount of time to take corrective action.

How to refer students
If you have identified a student that needs to be referred due to academic concerns, making a referral is easy. The following two links are very helpful tools for anyone who desires to make a referral (screenshots included):

Please keep in mind that referrals are processed within 48 hours of being submitted including notification to the person submitting the referral. If you have any problems or concerns, please contact Ronald English.