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Academic Support Programs

Academic Support Programs encourages and guides students in the development of learning skills and personal management strategies that lead to earning a Baylor degree.

All Baylor students are offered a comprehensive range of classes, services, and programs based on a variety of students needs and learning preferences, including tutoring, collaborative learning through a Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, mentoring, workshop instruction, academic counseling and advisement, as well as a graded study skills course.

The department also coordinates academic intervention for students referred by faculty for grade-related and class attendance issues and provides grade recovery resources for students on academic probation as well as targeted support for special populations.

Resources For Faculty
  • Academic Warnings - Reported during the sixth week of the semester to a student with low grades, missing tests or assignments, and/or irregular class attendance.
  • MapWorks - The MAP-Works Transition Survey (online assessment) is designed to gather information from the students that will give indications about the resources students may need to utilize in order to successfully progress at Baylor University.
  • Referrals - Academic intervention early in the semester allows time and opportunity for students to reverse patterns of inadequate academic performance. The program enhances student success by providing academic services/resources to students about whom faculty have academic concerns.
  • Request an SI (Supplemental Instruction) for your class - If you would like your class to have an SI, please let us know.
Resources for Students
  • Academic Counseling - One-on-one guidance for students encountering academic issues
  • Academic Instruction - A semester-long, college-level study skills course (EDC 1200) and short-term academic workshops (EDP 1101) focusing on the development of deep learning strategies and positive attitudes essential for academic achievement.
  • Mentoring - One-on-one weekly meetings with an experienced student who provides guidance, encouragement, and instruction for developing productive techniques for reading, note taking, test.
  • SI (Supplemental Instruction) - Twice weekly study sessions led by a trained peer-leader who guides student in the use of active, practical, and effective strategies for learning complex, historically challenging course material.
  • Probation - What to do if your Dean has required you to construct an academic improvement plan.
  • Tutoring - Free to all students on a walk-in basis.