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Ann Rushing, Ph.D.

Dr. Ann Rushing

    Professor of Biology

  • B.A. in Botany from Duke University
  • M.S. in Biology from University of Cincinnati
  • Ph.D. in Botany from Texas A & M University

How long have you worked at Baylor?

    Dr. Rushing is completing her 22nd year of teaching at Baylor.

What classes do you teach?

    She has taught primarily freshman-level coursework over the years. Dr. Rushing enjoys teaching BIO 1305 and 1306 to freshman students partly because they are enthusiastic, they approach things with fresh eyes, and many of them are determined to follow the path to becoming a physician.

What Paul L. Foster Success Center services do you tend to recommend most often to students?

    Dr. Rushing believes strongly in the Supplemental Instruction program, and she has worked to make sure all sections of BIO 1305 and BIO 1306 have an SI section. She feels it is critical that as many challenging courses as possible offer an SI section. She also regularly refers students to the Tutoring Center to seek assistance.

    Dr. Rushing has found on many occasions that the EDP 1101 workshops offered by Academic Support Programs fill a great need for students. Should a student drop a course several weeks into the semester and fall below 12 hours, these one-credit-hour workshops can be most useful in helping the student maintain a full-time schedule. Each semester several sections of EDP 1101 are set to begin about halfway through the term so students can add them after the beginning of the semester and still be able to attend all the class meetings.

What do you see as some of the benefits students may experience by using the Paul L. Foster Success Center?

    Dr. Rushing tries to stress to all students she comes into contact with that they should take advantage of Supplemental Instruction. She emphasizes that this program is not designed just for students who may be struggling but also for those who are doing well and would like an additional study setting.

    She also likes to describe the PLFSC services such as SI to prospective students to make sure they know it's available. She makes the point that it is not a remedial program and that students at any level can benefit from participating.

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