Week 7

Session 5 (Week 7, October 10) - Career and Professional Development

Introductory Writing Prompt: What are your strengths or abilities, and what experiences or opportunities might you pursue to develop or capitalize on them during your time at Baylor?

Recommended Activity

  1. Goal Worksheet

Small Group Discussion Prompts:

  1. What is your purpose as a Baylor student? As a professional member of your discipline?
  2. What are three realistic steps you can take in the next year toward each goal you listed in the Goal Worksheet?
  3. What kinds of experiences during college can set you up for success in your future goals?
  4. Do the results of your MAP-Works survey match what you thought about yourself? Do the results of your Strengths Finder match what you thought about yourself? How do these two tools inform your major and career path?