Week 1

Session 1 (Week 1, August 29) - Adjustment to Baylor

Introductory Writing Prompt: How do you envision your Baylor experience will differ from your prior college experience? What adjustments do you want or need to make as a result?

Recommended Reading

  1. On The Point of It All, Todd Buras
  2. In Between: Liminal Space, Burt Burleson

Small Group Discussion Prompts:

  1. Ask students to identify their Hi/Lo of their first week at Baylor.
  2. What led you to Baylor, and how do you see yourself thriving here?
  3. What does being a part of the Baylor community look like? How is Baylor different from your previous institution?
  4. What challenges do you anticipate at Baylor?
  5. Who have you found that you think will be friends or mentors to you while you are here?
  6. What is one course you’re taking this semester that you think will be particularly formative for you?