Football. Part 2: Seth's Road to Recovery

Like a wild horse cramped by the confines of a corral, Seth Russell wanted to break loose and run free.

Football. Russell’s Recovery from Neck Injury a 'God Thing'

In 33 years with the fire department, Ronald Russell had extracted people with neck injuries from vehicles, only to never see them walk again. Some of them “never walked away, period.”

W. Basketball. Lady Bears at No. 4 in USA TODAY Coaches Poll

The Baylor women’s basketball team is ranked fourth and received two first place votes in the USA TODAY Sports Preseason Coaches Poll, released Thursday.

Cross Country. Cross Country Set For Big 12 Championship

The Baylor men's and women's cross country teams will compete in the 21st-annual Big 12 Cross Country Championship Saturday at the Rawls Golf Course in Lubbock, Texas.

Australian Network News: Weight Gain Related to Stress, New Study

Oct. 27, 2016
Article about a new study that found that stress can lead to weight gain also mentions recent research by Meredith E. David, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing at Baylor’s Hankamer School of Business. David’s research, published in the journal “Psychology & Marketing,” suggested that instead of creating rules to avoid one’s favorite treats, dieters should focus on eating healthy foods that they enjoy include more foods they actually enjoy eating.

Business Insider: Chip Gaines of HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ explains how to know when it’s a ‘no-brainer to buy’ in real estate

Oct. 27, 2016
Chip Gaines, B.B.A. (Marketing) ’98, talks about the appropriate time to buy real estate in an interview with Business Insider. If the assets are going to depreciate, “it’s generally not worth purchasing,” but if it’s going to appreciate in value, “it’s a no-brainer to buy,” he said.

Christianity Today: Does America’s History Justify Rigged Election Fears?

Oct. 27, 2016
AUDIO: Elesha Coffman, Ph.D., assistant professor of American intellectual history in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, is interviewed about Trump’s declaration that the election could be “stolen” from him by voter fraud. Many Americans agree with his assessment, polls show, but “Claims require evidence . . . and in this case, the evidence is not there,” Coffman said. “Yes, there are probably millions of people still on voter registration lists who are ineligible to vote, especially because they are dead, but unless people show up at the polls purporting to be them (the ineligible people), that’s not fraud. That’s clerical error.”

#BearsOfBaylor — “We made a rule early on… In Waco, the kids wear green and gold.”

Her: “I’m a fifth-generation Baylor Bear! I have always loved Baylor, and the decision was made a little easier when I got some great vocal music scholarships. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after I graduated from undergrad, so I decided to stay and continue graduate school. I love my alma mater for […]

#BearsOfBaylor — “We’re roommates!”

“We’re roommates!” “We just lived super well together [as freshmen], so we were like, let’s do it again!” [What’s it like living off-campus versus on-campus?] “It’s super different. [On campus,] I feel like you’re just constantly forced to be social, and when you’re in your apartment, you can decide what you want to do. So I […]

Big 12 schools aren’t just rivals — they’re partners, too

The popularity and frequency of college athletic contests often lead us as fans to think of other Big 12 Conference schools as our opponents, someone we must fight against and try to beat, at all costs. But outside of the world of athletics, Baylor partners with other Big 12 schools (yes, even Texas and TCU) on a regular basis; it just […]

Unique class hymns welcome Baylor freshmen to campus each fall

While it’s common for incoming freshmen to be welcomed to college by campus leaders, it’s not so common for that encouragement to come in the form of a hymn — but that’s what we do at Baylor. Since 2008, each class of freshmen has received its own unique message of encouragement and hope written by University Chaplain Burt Burleson, […]

This Week at Baylor—Oct. 30 – Nov. 5, 2016

WACO, Texas (Oct. 28, 2016) — This week, Baylor University will host several notable speakers, lectures, concerts and events, including Festival of Faiths at the Mayborn.

Hunger Expert Discusses USDA Report Showing Significant Drop in Household Food Insecurity

WACO, Texas (Oct. 26, 2016) – The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently released its report, “Household Food Insecurity in the United States in 2015.” The report shows a significant decline in the national food-insecurity rate, from 14 percent to 12.7 percent in one year, which means that millions more people throughout the nation now have access to food.

Speakers to Address Challenges, Transformations in ‘Higher Learning’ Symposium Hosted by Baylor’s Institute for Faith and Learning

WACO, Texas (Oct. 25, 2016) — The 2016 Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture will focus on “Higher Learning” with nearly 200 presenters exploring the promise and challenges in contemporary colleges and universities.
Each year, the Baylor Symposium on Faith and Culture,

Baylor University and South Texas College Announce Partnership on New ‘Baylor Bound’ Transfer Agreement

WACO, Texas (Oct. 24, 2016) – Baylor University and South Texas College today announced the creation of a formal Baylor Bound transfer agreement that will help students transfer more easily between the two institutions and continue to expand educational opportunities for young people all across Texas.

On the Baylor Horizon Fall Break Edition October 20, 2016

Provided is information on events, activities, and hours of operation of dining areas on campus.

On the Baylor Horizon October 24, 2016

Zeta Tau Alpha Presents Think Pink Week and Big Man on Campus. Bear Faire will be held this Thursday at the Ferrell Center.

On the Baylor Horizon October 17, 2016

Register for National Hispanic Education Summit workshops and seminars. Steppin' Out registration is now open.

On the Baylor Horizon Homecoming Edition October 12, 2016

Provided is information on events, activities, and hours of operation of dining areas on campus.

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Oct. 31 9:05am - 12:05pmChapel - Susan Pendleton Jones
Nov. 1 6:00-8:00pmCross Cultural Neighbor Night with KSA
Nov. 2 9:05am - 12:05pmChapel - Fight the New Drug
Nov. 7 9:05am - 12:05pmChapel - Moffat Zimba
Nov. 8 6:00-8:00pmCross Cultural Engagement Dinner with FSA
Nov. 9 9:05am - 12:05pmChapel - Baylor Men's Choir
Nov. 14 9:05am - 12:05pmChapel - Jim Marsh