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College Republicans

The purpose of the Baylor College Republicans is to bring young Americans into the Republican party; to mold and train youth as well directed, effective, and loyal Americans in accordance with the conservative ideals of the Republican Party.
Contact Info:
Sara Grove (President)
Heather ORoark (VP)
How to Join
To become a member, one must: (1) Be enrolled as a full-time student as defined by their respective Baylor school or college; (2)have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher, except first semester freshmen, who have no established grade point average; (3) have paid the $20 dues for this semester; and (4) have completed a membership form.
Curt Nichols Assistant Professor of Political Science Education: B.S., The United States Military Academy at West Point M.A., Georgia State University Ph.D., University of Texas Curt Nichols studies American political institutions, political and constitutional development, party systems, the presidency, judicial politics, qualitative methods, politics and the military. Professor Nichols comes to Baylor from the University of Texas, where he completed the dissertation, The Governing Cycle and the Dynamics of New Majority Formation, which traces the origins of cycles in American political development back to constitutional structure and explores the tasks that leaders have to succeed in performing in order to overcome the high entropy conditions that the American political system is periodically prone to encountering.
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