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2013 // Manifest Music Co.
2014 // The Tower
2015 // Honest Men
Be sure to also mark your calendars for Battle of the Bands 2016 which will take place March 31 @ 6pm in the SUB Bowl.


Battle of the Bands 2015 was an incredible show! We are so proud of all of the bands that performed! Below are results and band bios.








Scotty & the Swingset is Scotty, Zach, Q, and Brian - four friends on a 'mission from God' to bring unique, dynamic, and fun alternative rock music to the world.


The Brenna Haffey Trio is an acoustic group based out of Waco, Texas that formed in the fall of 2014. The Trio consists of members Brenna Haffey on guitar and vocals, Isaac Lill on percussion, and Sam Still on lead guitar and vocals. The idea for this music collaboration began when Brenna, an active solo act and singer songwriter, connected with Isaac, an accomplished percussionist. Isaac’s rhythmically unique playing of the cajon, combined with Brenna’s soulful acoustic style, formed a simple yet powerful sound dynamic. After performing a few shows, the duo realized they needed another member who could sing and play guitar, which is when Sam joined the group. Bringing his worship music background through his tasteful harmonies and ambient guitar playing, the trio was formed.

The trio covers and writes songs in the organic style of Boyce Avenue with a soulful, alternative twist. The unique sound of the trio can be attributed to their distinctive approach to percussion and harmonies. Influences include Maroon 5, Coldplay, and Boyce Avenue. Currently, the trio is recording an album of original music, along with releasing cover song videos actively on Youtube as part of their cover compilation project, showcasing the group’s originality and unique sound by playing radio hits in their own style. Along with recording and being active on social media, the group is also playing gigs in Waco and Houston.


Death Be Not Proud is a band that formed in the summer of A.D. 2101 when war was beginning featuring healing and easy listening heavy metal- a genre of Darude Sandstorm from the future.

All they have is just bao-nuh nuh-duh-nuh-nao we-nah-nuh-nah-nuh-nah-nuh. Be mesmerized by melodies, shin-dig to shreds, ballet to basslines, ballet to blast beats, tango to tapping, and dougie to some double bass!

They are whalers on the Moon. They carry a harpoon. But there are no whales so they tell not so tall tales and sing their whaling tune. This fascinating, fabulous, free-spirited, fine, formidable, fleet-fingered, friendly, fresh, fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun, boisterous batty benevolent bold bouncy bubbly blithe band of blissful balladeers features the likes of John Ucol on the guitar, the vuvuzela, and the vocals. John sometimes sweeps like a janitor with a broom, and has a voice that goes up like a penguin, and down like a wounded bison.

Rounding out the guitar duo in the band is...look up in the sky- it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Batman, it's Steven Seagal, it's Spoderman, it's Goku full of real super sand,! It's Austin Wadkins with the arms of steel with a beard that is worthy of stealing the Declaration of Independence that will never give you up, never let you down, never run around and desert you!

Providing the bass and the vocals for Life Be Not Disappoint is Ian Harvey. All your bass are belong to him. This preceding sentence is 100% true because Ghost Rider is an experience. Ghost Rider is something only the foolhardy drink. Ghost Rider is not sold in stores because it is too dangerous. Ghost Rider is not shared at parties because it is too powerful for just anyone. Ghost Rider is is kept in a glass bottle. Ghost Rider is a secret to all but those who have tasted it. Ghost Rider is worthy of stealing the Declaration of Independence. Ghost Rider is an experience.

And finally, on the drums, triangle, and the cowbell is Mr. Nate Harmon- the only man known to throw and break forty drumsticks with one swing of the stick! Forty drumsticks. That's as many as four tens. And that's super special awesome!

Experience healing & easy listening music at its finest/the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best-- Death Be Not Proud! You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

"The truth is- We're just not a cool band to like or a cool band to listen to. We're not the kind of band that you can brag to your friends about listening to. We're your guilty pleasure, and we know that. But we appreciate it, anyways because we are in a lady’s house near the street and we are pretending to be a lock smith because the lady was outside of her house when they were doing some exploring and she said are you the lock smith and we said that she is the lock smith and we climbed in to their kitchen window and now I am in her living room and nobody can stop laughing because I am not even a lock smith at all because we are just us and the lady is outside of her living room window just now and she keeps on asking me what am I laughing at and I am probably just saying to her that we are laughing because I am thinking about a lock that I saw the other day that looked like a you just lost the game and we don’t know what to do and I am just in her living room floor now and she is looking at me through her living room window. xox."


Honest Men is an alternative rock band from Waco, TX. Their music is sure to please, with captivating melodies and creative lyrics. Influences include Coldplay, Future of Forestry, Mutemath, Colony House, and many more. Seth Findley is on vocals and acoustic guitar. Brooks Whitehurst is on vocals and electric guitar. Zach Solomon is on drums and percussion. Moses Chun is on bass.