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Battle of the Bands '15
March 26 @ 6pm


Thank you for making Battle of the Bands 2014 such a huge success! You can see our Champion perform live at Dia del Oso on April 10!







Death Be Not Proud is a band that formed in the summer of 2011 featuring "rock and roll- a genre of music from the future! Specifically in A.D. 2101 when war was beginning.

Be mesmerized by melodies, shin-dig to shreds, ballet to basslines, tango to tapping, and dougie to some double bass! This fascinating, fabulous, free-spirited, fine, formidable, fleet-fingered, friendly, fresh, fun fun fun, boisterous band of blissful balladeers features the likes of John Ucol on the guitar, the vuvuzela, and the vocals. John sometimes sweeps like a janitor with a broom, and has a voice that goes up like a penguin, and down like a wounded bison.Rounding out the guitar duo in the band is...look up in the sky- it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Batman, it's Goku full of real super sand,! It's Austin Wadkins wielding his six strings of fabulous wonder that are worthy of stealing the Declaration of Independence, and the aforementioned six strings of fabulous wonder will never give you up,never let you down, never run around and desert you! Providing the bass and slapping is Nathan "The Lion" Cole. All your bass are belong to him, and his bass rig is the only part of the band decent enough for the wonderful institution of marriage!

And finally, on the drums, triangle, and the cowbell is Mr. Nate Harmon- the only man in the history of mankind known to throw forty drumsticks with one swing of the stick! Forty drumsticks. That's as many as four tens. And that's super special awesome!

Experience healing & easy listening music at its finest! Death Be Not Proud!

"The truth is- We're just not a cool band to like or a cool band to listen to. We're not the kind of band that you can brag to your friends about listening to. We're your guilty pleasure, and we know that. But we appreciate it, anyways."

Scotty Swingler, a Baylor University junior, is a singer/songwriter from Waco, TX. He began writing songs in high school and continues to write and perform around the Waco area. His band, The Swingset, is composed of friends Brian Crowder, Quinton Dean, and Baylor University junior Zach Heefner. Known for their energetic live shows, pop rock anthems, and carefree spirit, Scotty and The Swingset is just trying to put a smile on the people's faces. Psalm 28:7

Reeve Hunter is a graduate student in mathematics. His music is a mixture of simple, acoustic guitar-driven songs and layered, electronic loop-based songs. Reeve has an interest in exploring unusual sonic combinations and a slight tendency toward wordplay in his lyrics. Lyrical content often centers on one or more of several simple themes: listening/speaking, action/inaction, life/death, and control. These themes are usually explored in the broader context of human relationships. We hope you enjoy his music! Listen here:

This bibliography is not canon, but it sure hits like one. I'll save you some time and just cut to the gist: WE ARE THE TOWER.

It is both a band, and its members. A group, but also, a state of mind. A cause. An answer.

Shawn Johnson was birthed by the extremely active volcano, Mt. Chaos at the age of 0. The first year of his life was spent in the volcano, and there he was raised by lava, until he was discovered by the Sages of Iremore who brought him to the Sacred Bonfire, where Shawn retrieved the Guitar of Justice from the center of the flames.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis the infant called Brian Rainosek was plucked from a glacier by the well-known statesman, George Seaman. As tradition holds, Seaman bestowed upon him the Icicles of Mystery, and the young Brian ended up using them as drum sticks. Then, they melted when he moved to Texas, so he just uses wooden sticks now.

And last but not least, Chris Rowland hatched from the legendary Diamond Egg, which was guarded by the Sky-bots for at least ever. The Sky-bots knew what had to be done. They saw to it that Chris was rightfully united with the Bass of Clouds. Right as he first gripped its handles, he could float, and all the Sky-bots were like, "Whoa."

& STEVE DAVIDSON (pronounced "and Steve Davidson")

& Steve Davidson is a joint venture between Andy Gauer and David Stevenson which incorporates influences from blues, gospel, rock and hip-hop into their stripped-down guitar-and-drums performance. David has been writing music for five years and has served as the front man for several bands in Houston and Waco. Andy works at Highland Baptist Church in the media ministry and has played in their worship band, as well as with several bands for Disciple Now youth conferences. Andy and David have been playing together for over a year and still can't get enough of each other.