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The advisor of the year is awarded based on his or her demonstrated commitment to his or her student organization. This commitment can come through the form of meaningful contributions of time, energy, service, and resources as well as a promotion of academic and extracurricular excellence to the students they work alongside.

[2014 - 2015 ADVISOR OF THE YEAR]


The 2014-2015 Advisor of the Year award was presented to Mrs. Erin Stamile, the advisor for Students Improving Global Health Today & Baylor Undergradhate Research in Science and Technology. An excerpt from her nomination letter reads:

"She goes above and beyond to enable the organization's success and has used her role to help students make lasting connections with the Office of Pre-Health Studies. Through these collaborations, she has helped establish credibility as an influential organization on campus, which has allowed our membership to grow. She truly embodies what it means to be an advisor."

Congratulations to Erin on a productive and successful year!