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The advisor of the year is awarded based on his or her demonstrated commitment to his or her student organization. This commitment can come through the form of meaningful contributions of time, energy, service, and resources as well as a promotion of academic and extracurricular excellence to the students they work alongside.

[2013 - 2014 ADVISOR OF THE YEAR]


The 2013-2014 Advisor of the Year award was presented to Mr. Brian Thomas, the advisor for Engineers with a Mission. Mr. Thomas also won the award for the 2012-2013 academic year. An excerpt from his nomination letter reads:

"Professor Thomas is, a man, who not only serves our student organization as a mentor, continually shaping our lives, but also as a friend and colleague with whom we regularly collaborate. Whether as students or as people in the forever journey of faith, we are able to stand upon a man who represents and reciprocates the vocation(s) he has and is called to lead by God."

Congratulations to Mr. Brian Thomas on a productive and successful year!