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The Department of Student Activities desires for each organization applying for the awards program to have every opportunity to succeed in their pursuit of these recognitions! We encourage you to take a moment to review the application before submitting your materials.


The Advisor of the Year Award is designed to recognize a faculty or staff advisor to a student organization who has made a significant contribution to both the student members and the organization as a whole. With more than 400 advisors serving Baylor student organizations, the Advisor of the Year honor will be awarded to an individual who works to compel his/her organization to distinguish itself. The Advisor of the Year Award will recognize an individual for his/her service, dedication, mentorship, compassion, consistency, and wisdom.


The application for the 2015-2016 Advisor of the Year award will be available in March 2016.

[2014-2015 AWARD WINNER]

Erin Stamile