How To Connect



CONNECTION POINT: Student Organizations

With more than 285 chartered organizations, Baylor ranks with the best institutions in the country and includes far more options than most schools of similar size. By providing so many choices, the Department of Student Activities actively welcomes all students into the Baylor family and strives to give every single person a home away from home and a way to connect with fellow students.


For many students and alumni, college is synonymous with Greek life. Baylor has more than 45 national and local Greek organizations on campus. They're not just t-shirts and fun-fraternities and sororities provide a close-knit community and encourage students to seek excellence during their Baylor experience. In doing so, these students are developed into well-rounded individuals ready for worldwide leadership and service.


The Department of Student Activities present more than 40 program with numerous student organizations, as well as university and academic departments. Whether hosting a community-wide event like Christmas on 5th Street or a more scholarly program like Intersections: an exploration of faith and culture, Student Activities strives to create meaningful experiences for the organizers, participants, and audience.

CONNECTION POINT: Service-Learning

The Department of Student Activities offers hundreds of service opportunities throughout the year. In keeping with Baylor 2012 and the university's commitment to Christian ideals, Student Activities facilitates stewardship throughout the community with partners like Mission Waco, Talitha Koum, and Quality Care of Waco. Beyond the immediate benefit of each service effort, the Department of Student Activities hopes these experiences instill a spirit of social responsibility in students that extends well beyond their time at Baylor.

CONNECTION POINT: Baylor Student Union

Welcome to the heart of the Baylor campus. The Union serves as the physical center of the university, housing key organizations such as Student Government and the Baylor Chamber of Commerce and hosting popular events like Dr. Pepper Hour and Welcome Week. The Union also marks the figurative crossroads where Baylor students, faculty, and the greater community can connect. The doors of the Union are to a common ground, a unity in the Baylor experience, regardless of age, discipline, or role in the university.