Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities
There are currently no openings in the Department of Student Activities.
On-campus employment can enhance a student's college experience by creating an educational, energetic, and fun environment for them to thrive in as leaders. Research has shown that students who work will have an overall positive increase in their "academic performance, engagement, and growth."

Here in Student Activities, we seek to provide our students with learning opportunities that allow them to make significant contributions within the Baylor community and amongst their peers. Our professional staff will put you at the forefront of making decisions that shape and enhance our department.

So what are you waiting for? We have a variety of opportunities just for you!

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The Department of Student Activities Offers the following student employment opportunities:

  • Campus Program Center
  • CPC Creative Services
  • Stacy Riddle Forum Computer Lab
  • Student Activities Main Office
  • Student Productions Crew
  • Student Union Reservations
  • Ticket Office