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Fire Safety Policies

Baylor University considers fire safety extremely important, and students have an obligation to adhere to University regulations as well as city and state statutes. The following are Baylor University policies and procedures for matters involving fire safety.

Fire Alarm Evacuation

  1. Whenever a fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures must be followed. All occupants must leave the building and may not reenter the evacuated facility unless told to do so by authorized personnel. Those authorized personnel include members of the Campus Living and Learning staff, the campus police, members of Risk Management, or fire officials.

  2. A complete floor-by-floor, room-by-room check will be made of the building by campus police and/or fire officials whenever possible. Occupants must remain outside the building during this check.

  3. Any individual who fails to evacuate a building after a fire alarm has sounded will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and may be charged a fine of up to $100.

False Fire Alarm Sanctions

  1. Every effort will be made to identify the individual(s) who causes a false alarm. When such persons are identified, they will be referred to the Associate Dean for Judicial Affairs for disciplinary action.

  2. In addition to appropriate disciplinary action, an assessment of $500 for the false fire alarm and/or damaged fire safety equipment may be charged to the individual involved.

  3. In the event the false alarm occurs in a residence hall and an individual or individuals cannot be identified within 10 class days, a fee may be charged to all individuals in the residence hall or appropriate wing/floor with a $5 minimum charge for each resident.

Any individual who misuses or tampers with any fire safety equipment (other than fire alarms) will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and may be charged a fine of up to $500 plus the cost of repair or replacement of misused or damaged equipment, cleaning of the facility, and damage to other property.

Any individual who sets a fire (commits arson) in or near a University building is subject to immediate suspension from the University, may be charged a fine of up to $500, and may be charged for repairing any damage caused by the fire. In addition to being subject to University penalties, any student who starts a fire, damages or tampers with the evacuation alarm, or misuses fire safety equipment also may be subject to prosecution in criminal court by the Waco Fire Department in accordance with the Waco fire code.

Modified 8-9-04; 9-5-05; 8-18-09