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BearBucks™ is an optional, prepaid, stored value, declining balance account available to students through the utilization of the Baylor student ID card. A minimum amount of $50 is required to establish the account. Deposits are accepted any time on-line at: or in the Baylor Cashier's Office during regular business hours. A student�s BearBucks™ may be utilized at the many on-campus locations listed at:

Payment for BearBucks™ must be received prior to activation on the student ID card. If payment is returned for any reason, the payment amount will be reversed on the student�s BearBucks� account. Account balances and the transaction list are available in BearWeb at the BearBucks� Statement Center or at:

In the case of a lost or stolen card, the cardholder will be limited to liability of $50 if reported within two business days from the date of discovery. If a lost or stolen card is not reported within two business days, liability could be up to $500.

Balances will carry over from one semester to the next. Under no circumstances will a cash withdrawal be permitted from a BearBucks™account. When a student graduates or withdraws from the University, any unused BearBucks™ will be refunded to the student's Baylor account.

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