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BearBucks™ is an optional, prepaid, stored value, declining balance account available to students through the utilization of the Baylor student ID card. Deposits are accepted any time on-line at: or in the Baylor Cashier's Office during regular business hours. A students BearBucks™ may be utilized at the many on-campus locations listed at:


Payment for BearBucks™ must be received prior to activation on the student ID card. If payment is returned for any reason, the payment amount will be reversed on the students BearBucks account. Account balances and the transaction list are available in BearWeb at the BearBucks Statement Center or at:



In the case of a lost or stolen card, the cardholder will be limited to liability of $50 if reported within two business days from the date of discovery. If a lost or stolen card is not reported within two business days, liability could be up to $500.



Balances will carry over from one semester to the next. Under no circumstances will a cash withdrawal be permitted from a BearBucks™account. When a student graduates or withdraws from the University, any unused BearBucks™ will be refunded to the student's Baylor account.



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