Poverty Studies and Social Justice Minor

Minor in Poverty Studies and Social Justice

The Minor in Poverty Studies and Social Justice is interdisciplinary, available to all students, from all academic disciplines, and is housed in the School of Social Work. This minor is the central academic foundation for the Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative.

  • The Poverty and Social Justice minor will consist of 18 hours;
  • At least 12 of these hours must be in residence;
  • At least 9 of these hours must be at a "3000" or "4000" level;
  • No more than 3 hours from a student's major may be applied to the "Poverty" minor.

Required Courses include:   
1)     ECO 3355 – Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination
2)     SWO 3322 – Social Policy and Service
3)     SWO 4315 – Foundations of Social Justice

  1. ECO 3355 Introduction to the Economics of Poverty and Discrimination

    (Cross-listed as SOC 3355) Prerequisite(s): Upper-level standing; not open to pre-business or business students.**

    Description: This course develops and applies basic economic concepts to questions of poverty, inequality, and discrimination in the United States, and to global poverty issues. Special attention will be paid to the contribution that economic principles can make to understanding family structure, participation in the labor force, and gender and racial discrimination. Attention will also be paid to evaluating public policies designed to ameliorate poverty and discrimination, including social insurance, welfare programs, minimum and living wage laws, and equal opportunity policies. No previous knowledge of economics is necessary; all necessary economic principles will be developed in this class. (Will not count toward a major in economics.)

    **Business students should take ECO 4355 Economics of Poverty and Discrimination which is more appropriate for student who have already taken Macro and Micro Economics (Cross-listed as SOC 4355) Prerequisite(s): Minimum grade of C in ECO 2306; not open to pre-business students.

  2. SWO 3322 Social Policy and Service

    Prerequisite(s) for Social Work majors: SWO 2321, and credit or concurrent enrollment in SWO 3301. Non-majors must have consent of the instructor. University scholars take this course even though they are not social work majors.

    Description: Historical and current patterns of provision of social welfare services, the effect of social policy on people gaining optimal health and well-being; and the effect of social policy on oppressed and marginalized population groups and countries.

  3. SWO 4315 Foundations of Social Justice

    Description: This course examines theories and practices of social justice as related to oppressed groups in a multicultural society utilizing religious and nonreligious perspectives. It analyzes oppression resulting from persistent social, educational, political, religious, economic, and legal inequalities by addressing issues of power, inequality and privilege. The course focuses on the diverse experiences of oppressed groups in order to understand their strengths, needs, and responses to these. It also enhances understandings of and appreciation for diversity in self and others. Finally, the course considers theological issues and ethical dilemmas faced by professionals in empowerment, advocacy, and other strategies for promoting social justice. Please see the attached syllabus (Appendix B).

The remaining 9 hours can be chosen from the following courses:

ANT 2305, 3320, 4306, 4327;
BIC 4374;
BIO 4331;
CHE 3341;
CHS 4303;
CCS 1100, 3300;
CHS 4350;
ECO 3330, 3331, 4316, 4331, 4332, 4334, 4335, 4350;
ELC 4377;
ENG 3305;
ENT 4353, 4380,
ENV 1301, 3314, 4310, 4350, 4380;
FCS 1300, 1301, 2351, 2380, 3314, 3350, 3388, 4310, 4340, 4351, 4352, 4356, 4357, 4387, 4388;
GEOG 1300;
GEO 1401, 1403;

HED 2340, 3313, 3351, 4331, 4340, 4341, 4355;
HIS 3355, 3371, 4312, 4350, 4375, 4385, 4388; HP 3311;
LS 4353;
MKT 3325;
MUS 3323
NSC 4312,
PHI 1308, 3301, 4361;
PSC 3300, 3314, 3320, 3322, 3325, 4330, 4355, 4383;
REL 3390, 4340, 4393, 4397;
SOC 1306, 2310, 3311, 3318, 3322, 3330, 3360, 4322, 4353, 4366;
SPA 2321, 2322
SWO 2321, 3351, 3352;
TED 3380


Contact Jon_Singletary@baylor.edu or Kayla_Mize@baylor.edu for more information.