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Freshman Filing Form 2014 *This form should be filled out if running for a Freshman Class Officer or Student Senator position

Electoral Code 2014

General Appointment Application Forms

Programming Leadership Committee Application

Sample Bill

Approved Sign Locations

Student Government is looking for individuals who wish to serve the Baylor Student Body! If you are interested in applying as a freshman for Student Senate or a Class Officer Position, download the Filing Form. If you are interested in applying for any of vacant position, download the General Application on the right of this screen. If you are interested in applying for the Programming Leadership Committee, download the PLC Application on the right of the screen. Please turn in all requested information to the appropriate Student Body Officer or location by the deadline listed on your application.

Election Information and Resources

During the Spring, Senators, Class Officers, and Student Body Officers are elected. During the Fall, Freshman Class Officers and Senators are elected. For eligibility requirements for each position, please refer to the Student Body Constitution.

Please fill out all forms provided in the Resources section (box on the right). These forms may be delivered to the Student Government office during normal operating hours. All forms (and required documents) must be received by the expressed deadlines.

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