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2014-2015 Excellence in Student Involvement Award


The Baylor Excellence in Student Involvement Award is designed to recognize students for outstanding contributions to student life while attending Baylor University. Involvement in organizations and activities requires dedication on the part of those students who give both time and resources to ensure a program or activity will succeed. These students will leave behind a wealth of opportunity and experience for their fellow students. Co-curricular activities, which cannot be measured by grades or terminated with a degree, provide students with a set of experiences complimentary to their formal education.

Criteria and Selection Procedure:

Any student who has not previously received this award may apply by completing a formal application. Students must furnish information about activities, accomplishments, leadership positions, and other involvement in student activities. Recipients must be in good academic standing, but beyond that, selection will not be based on their academic record. Students must not be on disciplinary or scholastic probation.

Applications should be e-mailed to When sending to this address, please save the document with your first and last name (Example: Smith,John.docx). The application can be found on the right of this screen.

From the qualified applicants, selections will be made as follows:

2 freshmen

3 sophomores

4 juniors

5 seniors

2 graduate students

Selections will be made by a committee of faculty, staff and students appointed by the Student Body President.


The recipients of the award will be given a wrist watch with the Baylor seal engraved on the face of the watch. The awards will be presented at the Excellence in Student Involvement Awards Ceremony. Award recipients will be notified in advance.

If you have questions, please contact Student Body President Dominic Edwards at