Baylor All-University Committees

An incredible opportunity is given to Baylor students each year to serve on All-University committees, alongside faculty, staff, and administration. It is the duty of the Student Body President to appoint students to each of these committees. Descriptions of each committee can be found at this website:

You are encouraged to apply to be one of these student representatives. Download the application to the right of this screen, and e-mail those to by Monday, July 13, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. You will be notified shortly after if you have been appointed to these positions.


University Committees include
  • Academic Appeals
  • Athletic Council
  • Baylor University Press Committee
  • Calendar Committee
  • Campus Diversity Committee
  • Campus Sculpture Committee
  • Career Services Advisory Committee
  • Civil Rights Resolution Committee
  • Communications/Media Committee
  • Health Committee
  • Public Exercises Committee
  • Sing! Procedures Committee
  • Student Life and Services Committee
  • Teaching, Learning, and Technology Committee
  • University Grievance Committee

Any further questions can be directed to Student Body President, Pearson Brown


Committees, please fill out the following form at meetings to be sent to Student Government.

First & Last Name:

Committee Name:

Time & Date:

Agenda Items:

Additional Notes: