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Kristyn Miller
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External Vice President

The Office of the External Vice President

The External Vice President is a connecting officer for the Baylor student body to the Greater Waco community and to state and national levels of governmental relations.  By reaching out to city, state, national, and university partners in a broad spectrum of communities, this office is able to contribute to as well as advocate for a full Baylor experience.  The office works in areas of community relations, governmental relations, alumni relations, diversity relations, and university relations in order to make the student experience at Baylor holistic.  Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to become involved in the development of Waco, events to showcase local business and entertainment, and issues to advocate on that are pertinent to college students.  We are here to make your college experience enjoyable. 

The 2014-2015 Student Body External Vice President

Kristyn Miller

Kristyn Miller is a junior Corporate Communication major with minors in Leadership and Poverty Studies and Social Justice.  She has served in the External Vice President’s cabinet since first coming to Baylor beginning as a cabinet member her freshman year and moving up to Chief of Staff to the External Vice President her sophomore year. 

With a deep love, passion, and excitement for Waco, Kristyn is aiming the efforts of the EVP cabinet to engaging the Baylor student body in the happenings of the greater Waco community especially through relationships with Waco City Council, the various Waco Chamber of Commerce organizations, and other community development corporations. 

Kristyn is from Southeast Texas and graduated from Warren High School in 2012. She is a first generation Baylor Bear and is proud to begin the Baylor tradition for her family.