External Vice President

The Office of the External Vice President

The Student Body External Vice President is a connecting officer for Baylor's student body to the Greater Waco community. The EVP also serves as the liaison to state and national levels of governmental relations. By reaching out to city, state, national, and university partners in a broad spectrum of communities, this office is able to contribute to as well as advocate for a full Baylor experience. The office works in relational areas regarding community, government, alumni, and university in order to make the student experience at Baylor holistic. Keep your eyes and ears open for ways to become involved in the development of Waco, events to showcase local businesses and entertainment, and issues to advocate for that are pertinent to college students. We are here to make your experience at Baylor enjoyable and fulfilling.



2016-2017 Student Body External Vice President  

Amye Dickerson

Amye Dickerson is a junior Baylor Business Fellows major studying Economics and Finance from Katy, TX. She was appointed to Senate as a freshman, serving on the Public Relations Committee that year. Her sophomore year, she served as a Senator on both the Operations and Procedures Committee as well as the External Vice President’s cabinet as the Ex Officio Senate Liaison.

Equipped with a passion to serve Baylor, its student body, and Waco, Amye seeks to represent students within the development of the city we call home, and improve the city by actively engaging with the Waco City Council and other city leadership. Additionally, one of the most important factors of the Baylor student body is its cultural, economic, and racial diversity. Amye seeks to have every Baylor student’s voice be heard and represented by ensuring that students are brought to the table in order to speak into the decisions Student Government makes.