Internal Vice President

The Office of the Internal Vice President

The Student Body Internal Vice President is the chief legislative and administrative officer of Student Government. This position also serves as the President of Student Senate. The duties include presiding over Student Senate, while also coordinating the workings of the legislative branch and internal affairs of Baylor University, as they pertain to Student Government. This position also chairs the Senate Executive Council and oversees the disbursement of funds from the Student Government Allocation Fund.

2016-2017 Student Body Internal Vice President

Joel Polvado

Joel Polvado is a junior Political Science major with minors in Economics, Leadership Studies as well as News/Editorial from Old River-Winfree, TX. Joel served as a Student Senator for two years on the Operations and Procedures Committee as well as the Campus Improvements and Affairs Committee. Joel also served as the Legislative Secretary as well as the Vice-Chair for the Governing Documents Revision Committee. Throughout his time at Baylor, Joel has grown to love the university and her students.