Class Officers

A President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer are elected for each class. Duties of a Class Officer include conducting one project per class semester, planning a senior class gift, and promoting unity within the members of the class. Furthermore, these officers serve as both advocates for their respective classes and as cabinet members for the Student Body President.


Senior Class President Maddy Stotlemyer
Senior Class Vice President Turquoise Early
Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer McKenzie Bryan
Junior Class President Zach Morrow
Junior Class Vice President Hallie Hillebrand
Junior Class Secretary/Treasurer Hunter Smiley
Sophomore Class President Grant Wilkie
Sophomore Class Vice President Austin Allaire
Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer Joseph Mohon
Freshman Class President James Schultz  
Freshman Class Vice President Kaiden Johnson  
Freshman Class Secretary/Treasurer Sloane Simpson