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Legislative Branch



Student Senate

Student Senate functions as the legislative branch of Student Government and exists to advocate on behalf of students to voice the opinion of Baylor students.

These goals are sought and accomplished by 52 representatives elected by the student body to represent each class. Within Student Senate, these members are separated into five standing committees to insure that the student body is most efficiently represented. These committees include Academic Affairs, Campus Improvements and Affairs, Finance, Operations and Procedures, and Public Relations. Ad Hoc committees also are formed, as needed, to address specific issues and projects.

Student Senate also has appropriating power over the Student Government Allocation Fund. Each student contributes toward this fund, which amounts to approximately $90,000 per semester. Student Senate allocates the funds toward programs, projects, or ideas aimed at the campus as a whole, community service, or charitable causes.

It is the duty of each member of the Student Senate to accomplish the aforementioned goals by operating as advocates for the student body.


Current Student Senators

Senior Senators

  • Larry "LB" Brandon, II
  • Sara Grove
  • Walker Karstens
  • Rocky Katch
  • Walker Schmidt
  • Chris Seals
  • Trevor Thompson

Junior Senators

  • Annette Christie
  • Austin Dobbs
  • Will Folger
  • Will Gober
  • JT Grant
  • Jenna Joos
  • Marcus Maurer
  • Ryder McCool
  • Charles Mooney
  • Dane Risinger
  • Caleb Scarbrough
  • Amaan Sheikh
  • Caleb White

Sophomore Senators

  • Emma Beaird
  • Hannah Causey
  • Nolan Chumbley
  • Cali Cox
  • Bailey Dahl
  • Troy Dixon
  • Megan Galvin
  • Reed Glass
  • Elizabeth Larson
  • Davis Morgan
  • Katherine Robbins
  • Lauren Strickland
  • Eleanor Watts




Freshmen Senators

  • Brooke Beard
  • Anna Bergquist
  • Nathan Burkes
  • Bailey Goodyear
  • Grayson Jackson
  • Allison Lee
  • Jessica McCormick
  • Lucas McWhirter
  • Benji Neel
  • Katy Nielson
  • Camryn Scheets
  • Suzie Tkach
  • Tanner Wright

*Vacancies in Student Senate can be filled outside of regular elections after an interview and appointment of the Class Officers of the respective class Senate seat sought. The application for Student Senate is available here: http://www.baylor.edu/student_government/doc.php/228860.pdf