Student Senate Committees

All Student Senators sit on one of the following committees. Each committee meets weekly and discusses respective topics of expertise.
Academic Affairs

Chair: Rocky Katch

The Academic Affairs committee reviews all legislation dealing with academic affairs. This committee is responsible for maintaining relations with each academic entity and for advocating on behalf of all academic issues. The committee also has the authority to allocate money for these purposes in accordance with the normal allocation process.

Campus Improvements and Affairs

Chair: Elizabeth Larson

The Campus Improvements and Affairs committee works to tackle on-campus issues relating to parking, recycling, sustainability, safety and buildings. Bills relating to physical improvements to Baylor’s campus shall come through this committee. The committee also reviews non-allocation legislation dealing with student life and external issues. This committee shall be responsible for visiting and evaluating all events that are funded by the Student Government Allocation Fund. The Community Affairs Committee shall also play a large role in fostering relationships between Baylor and the Waco community.


Chair: Marcus Mauer

The Finance Committee reviews all bills involvingallocations from the Student Government Allocation Fund, and, in particular,bills greater than $2,500. They are also responsible for reviewing the Student Government operating budget upon submission by the Student Body President. This committee shall be composed of at least five, but not more than nine, Senators.

Operations and Procedures

Chair: Walker Schmidt

The Operations and Procedures committee reviews all legislation involving internal issues and the official documents of the Student Government. The Operations and Procedures committee also interviews all nominations to Student Government positions subject to senatorial confirmation or approval, and requests any information that contributed to the nominator's decisions including, but not limited to, applications.

Public Relations

Chair: Hannah Causey

The Public Relations committee is in charge ofrelaying an accurate image and message of Student Government to other studentsand campus organizations. This can be done by visiting organizations through out the semester to remind them of the Student Government Allocation Fund, andplanning campus wide events. They are also responsible for publicizing theStudent Government Allocation Fund to organizations on campus.

Senate Executive Council

Chair: Joel Polvado

The Senate Executive Council consists of the President of Student Senate, the five Committee Chairpersons, the Legislative Secretary, and is chaired by the President of Student Senate. The committee meets to decide policy for the Legislative branch, hear disputes, and remedy corrective sanctions for members for violations and absences. All SEC meetings are held in executive session.