Baylor University

Ed Crenshaw

Baylor alum
Student Foundation past president
Supporter of the green and white striped jerseys!

Ed Crenshaw

“Baylor shaped me in such a way that it made me the person I am today,” Ed Crenshaw (BBA '73) said. “And I think because of that, I would like our gift to continue to shape and influence other young people.”

Although Ed and his wife, Denise, live in Lakeland, Fla., Ed said he always kept up with Student Foundation and saw how much it moved from facility to facility. So he was excited in 2005 to make the naming gift for the new Student Foundation building.

“When I was in Student Foundation, I had the opportunity to go out and raise money for student scholarships. All of my adult life I’ve hoped that I would be in the position someday to give back to Baylor in the way I promoted giving to the university when I was a student.”

"As a member of Student Foundation, I would say the lesson I learned was working together as a team. We talk a lot about teamwork in business today, but back in the early '70s when I was involved with Student Foundation, that was a team, a team of 50 students with a common purpose," Crenshaw recalled. "I think the value of working together as a team, communicating and collaborating together with a vision and mission that was common among each of us, was a tremendously invaluable lesson that we all learned."

As CEO of Publix Super Markets, Inc., Ed found himself in a place where he could give…and he hopes his support will help Student Foundation grow even more.

“I think the Foundation already attracts the cream of the crop,” Crenshaw said. “But I’m hoping that the building will make even more outstanding students see Student Foundation as an organization that they would like to be a part of.”