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Tutor - Student Athlete Services

1. Date: 6/4/14
2. Category: Tutoring
3. Work Begins: Summer
4. Position Title: Tutor
5. Pre-approved rate: $8-$10
6. Number of positions: Many
7. Hours Per Week Required: 5-20
8. Days and Times Required: Flexible
9. Position Description: Summer II Tutors needed for: ACC 2304, BIO 4308, BL 3305, BUS 4385, CHE 1405, EGR 1302, ENV 1101, ENV 1301, FCS 3356, GEO 1408, MIS 1305, MTH 1301, MTH 1308, MTH 1309, QBA 2305.
10. Skills Required: Qualifications:

• Ability to serve as an appropriate academic/personal role model for student-athletes.

• Completion of at least one fulltime Fall or Spring term at Baylor.

• Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

• GPA of 3.0 or better in all courses interested in tutoring.

• Strong letters of recommendation verifying potential tutoring ability in applicable subjects.

• Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.


• Provide tutoring on a regularly scheduled basis to students assigned by Student-Athlete Services.

• Be available to tutor throughout the semester and during Final Exam week.

• Gather any and all information necessary to provide thorough tutoring.

• Create aids for tutor sessions that may include sample tests, quizzes, or study guides.

• Complete the needed documentation on a consistent basis.

• Abide by all Athletic Study Hall policies.

• Attend all Athletic Study Hall Staff Trainings and Meetings

• Maintain academic integrity and abide by NCAA regulations in all tutoring sessions.

• Develop and maintain strong rapport with Student-Athlete Services by communicating in-person and via Email regarding student-athletes’ academic progress, tutoring procedures, and related issues.

11. Special Instructions: Please email for an application.
12. Department or Grant Project Name: Student Athlete Services
13. Department or Grant Project Number: 025-2171
14: Queue Number:
15. Address:
16. Building Location:
17. Room Number:
18. Contact Name: Jill Fischer
19. Contact Email Address:
20. Phone:
21. Fax: