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Spiritual Life Tech Assist - Spiritual Life

1. Date: 03/19/14
2. Category: Computer/Technical Support
3. Work Begins: Fall
4. Position Title: Spiritual Life Tech. Assist.
5. Pre-approved rate: $7.25/hr
6. Number of positions: 1
7. Hours Per Week Required: 20
8. Days and Times Required: Mon. thru. Sat.
9. Position Description: This position will support the mission of the Office of Spiritual Life by providing assistance to the Coordinator for Technology and Communication within the Worship & Chapel department. The student will be a primary controller of the video equipment used to record and broadcast Baylor Chapel services. In addition, the student will setup necessary sound and video equipment for any and all functions that take place within the Bobo Spiritual Life Center.
10. Skills Required: All candidates should have some experience working with professional video equipment and the basic knowledge needed to set up audio-visual equipment. Ideal candidates will also be comfortable working within the Baylor content management system.
11. Special Instructions: Student must be available to work Mon. and Wed. during each Chapel service from 8am-12pm, and available in the evenings and weekends to setup audio visual equipment for events in the office.
12. Department or Grant Project Name: Spiritual Life
13. Department or Grant Project Number: 0851213
14: Queue Number: 213CHP
15. Address: 97013
16. Building Location: Bobo Spiritual Life Center
17. Room Number: 117
18. Contact Name: Lisa Garrett
19. Contact Email Address:
20. Phone: 710-3793
21. Fax: 710-3446