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Student Employment Process

If you are a student looking for a job at Baylor, follow steps 1-4 below.

1) Find a job that interests you in the Job Listings.

Job Listings of available positions are located on the Student Employment website. Register for classes first so that you can look for a job that accommodates your class schedule. You cannot work during times that you are scheduled to be in class. NOTE: You will need information from the Job Listing to complete step 2.

2) Schedule an interview with the prospective employer.

It is your responsibility to arrange an interview with the contact person. Their name and number can be found on the Job Listing. Many times you can interview immediately and be hired immediately; however, sometimes the process may require more than one interview and consume several days while the department makes a hiring decision. If you are told that you are being considered for the job and a decision will be made at a future date, it will be your responsibility to contact the departmental interviewer periodically to find out if you were selected for the job.

3) Complete an I-9 Form and a W-4 Form.

Once an offer of employment has been made and start date has been determined, students will complete these documents as required by the Department of Homeland Security on or before the first day of employment and present acceptable forms of supporting documentation. International students must qualify for eligibility to work each semester. International students may contact International Student and Scholar Services to verify eligibility.

Start the I-9 Form here

Download and print the W-4 Form here

Some examples of acceptable supporting documentation for the Form I-9 are:

  • Baylor University ID OR state issued valid driver's license (with photo) AND your original social security card, OR
  • BU ID or state issued valid driver's license (with photo) AND a certified copy of your birth certificate, OR
  • Valid US unexpired passport OR unexpired foreign passport
    (A Permanent resident alien must be able to provide his/her ID card number and expiration date.)

For a complete list of acceptable documents, click here. Remember, all documentation must be original and unexpired as the Department of Homeland Security prohibits the acceptance of copies, faxes or reproductions of any type. (The Form I-9 is not complete until acceptable documents are presented.)

Each student is responsible for properly completing a form W-4 and providing a copy of the Social Security Card directly to the Payroll Office for income tax purposes. While the Payroll Office may be able to offer general assistance with questions, the student employee is ultimately responsible for tax deductions. Students may wish to seek the advice of parents, guardians, accountant or income tax service. (Please note that while the Payroll Office may accept a copy or fax of the Social Security Card for income tax purposes, the documentation presented for the Form I-9 must be original.)

Remember that properly completing these forms in a timely manner will help prevent any delay in the distribution of pay and keep the University in compliance with Federal regulations. Questions regarding the Form I-9 may be directed to Human Resources at 254-710-2000. Questions regarding the Form W-4 may be directed to the Payroll Office at 254-710-2217.

4) The prospective employer notifies the SFA Office.

If you are hired, check BearWeb to see if you can access your time card on your first day of work. If you cannot access your time card, you may not yet be approved to work. Ask your supervisor to contact the Student Financial Aid Office to check your eligibility status. If not hired - you should begin again at step 1.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Student Financial Aid Office at (254) 710-2611, option 3, to speak with a counselor.