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Additional Information for Newly Hired Students

Hours Limitation

In accordance with Baylor policy, students may not work more than 20 hours per week while enrolled in classes. Students may not be scheduled to work during the times they are scheduled to be in class. It is the responsibility of both the student and supervisor to monitor the class and work schedule.


• Students are paid every two weeks based on actual hours worked. The current Payroll Schedule can also be accessed from a link on the Student Employment main page. The Payroll Office sends paychecks directly to the department. Students may pick-up paychecks from their supervisors.

• Sign up with the Payroll Office for Direct Deposit of your paycheck into your personal checking or savings account. On the Payroll Office's Forms page choose the form titled "Request for Deposit of Payroll Earnings" (the PDF version is recommended becauseit is fillable). You will be able to track your earnings by using Web for Employees (the same website used to complete your online timecard in the Webtime Entry system).

Dress Code

Student employees are expected to dress appropriately for the work they perform as determined by the departmental policy. Please check with your supervisor if you have questions about what is appropriate.


A student may transfer from one department to another; however, the departmental supervisor must receive at least two weeks written notice. The Student Financial Aid Office must receive a termination form from the supervisor in the department the student is leaving.


• A student may terminate a job voluntarily upon written request. The resignation must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the indicated date of termination.

• A student may be terminated involuntarily if he/she fails to perform the job in a satisfactory manner or if a major offense such as theft, gross misconduct, or insubordination is committed.

• A department may terminate a student if budgetary constraints require a reduction in staff, the student's position is eliminated, or if the student's class schedule cannot be arranged to meet the needs of the department.

•A student may be terminated by the Student Financial Aid Office if a student earns enough to equal their financial aid work-study award or if the student fails to maintain satisfactory academic progress.