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Strengths-Based Relationships

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Get to Know People

Your Baylor experience will be deeply impacted and influenced by the people that surround you! So get to know them! Getting to know people is a complex and interesting experience!

Here you can use our Strengths Directory to look up other Baylor students to find out their strengths, learn about the strengths of Baylor students, faculty, staff, and administrators, and learn how to build Strengths-based relationships!


Strengths Dictionary
Know which strengths you have, but not sure what they mean? Check out our Strengths Dictionary!

Real Students - Real Strengths
Understanding the idea of strengths has really helped me appreciate the differences in people. We all have our unique personalities and are each blessed with our own strengths. The important thing is that we work together as the body of Christ, all contributing our strengths to His work. - Kerry Bankhead, Class of 2008


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