Baylor University
Department of Statistical Science
College of Arts & Sciences

2012 SPAIG Award

Oct. 21, 2013

The American Statistical Association (ASA) presented its Statistical Partnership among Academia, Industry, and Government Award to Lilly and Baylor University at its annual meeting on July 31. The prestigious award, given only once each year, recognizes Lilly and Baylor for establishing a partnership to enhance pharmaceutical R&D.

Over the years, Lilly and Baylor have worked together to use Bayesian statistical and probability methods to solve preclinical and clinical problems. The partnership also has enabled Lilly to recruit top students from Baylor.

Lilly's initial collaboration with Baylor paved the way for the creation of the Lilly statistics network, which includes partnerships with other universities and consultants and companies from around the world. These collaborations have helped Lilly access statistical talent wherever it exists to help solve business and drug development problems.