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Dr. Ray Bio

Dr. Bonnie Ray is Director, Cognitive Algorithms, in the newly formed Cognitive Computing organization at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Lab. Her areas of expertise are decision analysis and statistics/machine learning, with particular focus on the use of statistics and optimization for decision making. Since joining IBM, she has played key roles in analytics for sales target allocation, acquisition risk management, customer targeting for IBM's outsourcing businesses, resource demand forecasting methods for workforce management processes, and methods and tools for automated risk assessment in software development. Dr. Ray is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association, holds eleven+ patents, and has over sixty refereed publications. Prior to joining IBM, she was a tenured faculty member in Mathematics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a post-doctoral researcher at the Naval Postgraduate School. She holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Columbia University and a B.S. in Mathematics from Baylor University.