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Soo Park


Seoul, South Korea


  • B.S., Mathematics, Harding University


  • Teaching Assistant, Baylor University

Describe Baylor in One Word:


Why Statistics?

Why Baylor?

For my undergraduate degree, I attended Harding University, which is another private Christian liberal arts college. I enjoyed my experience there so much and wanted to find something similar yet more intellectually challenging for my graduate education. After my initial visit to Baylor's statistics department, I knew right away that this program offered the perfect balance of those two things.

Unique Aspects:

The fact that Baylor stands firmly by its own Christian identity and heritage for as long as it has is what makes this university truly unique in every aspects.


Faculty members in our department are dedicated to bring out the best in every student.

Baylor Community:

I like the fact that Baylor offers everything a college can offer to its students. I mean everything, and yet living in a mid-sized town like Waco keeps me grounded and focused. Besides, I don't have to deal with the expensive cost of living and the crazy traffic. I'm a lover of big cities, but I find Waco and Baylor to be quite perfect for what I'm here to do.

Surprises at Baylor:

There are two Starbucks on campus now! I only saw one when I came for my interview. The new one is right next to Marrs McLean science building, where our department is located. I love running there before the first class for my morning fix!

Recommend Program?

Yes- I only have good things to say about the department.