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Justin Sims


Linden, TN


  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN


  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN

Describe Baylor in One Word:


Why Statistics?

I always had an interest and appreciation for mathematics and its many uses. After taking an Elementary Statistics and Probability course my freshman year, I quickly discovered how much statistics was intertwined across so many disciplines. While pursuing a degree in mathematics I was given the opportunity to take part in a newly introduced statistics concentration. During these courses I realized how happy learning and applying statistical concepts made me. When the time to decide on a field of graduate study came, the choice of statistics was obvious.

Why Baylor?

When I began exploring graduate programs, a great friend and Baylor alumnus suggested taking a look at Baylor's Statistics program. Baylor quickly topped my list where it always remained. After visiting, I realized that Baylor possessed the familiar comforts of a smaller program which I had grown to love at UT Martin, and I saw the amazing opportunities that a larger school could offer.

Unique Aspects:

Both the faculty and students at Baylor have a unique way of making you feel like you belong alongside them, even if they are meeting you for the first time.


The faculty excel in taking an interest to who you are both academically and personally.

Baylor Community:

Growing up and living in small towns my entire life, I was worried that Waco would be overwhelming. I quickly learned that Waco is one big "small town." There are plenty of familiar conveniences coupled with great local attractions that make Waco truly unique.

Recommend Program?